100% Arabica Blend


Ideal for moka, a coffee blend of complex aromatic varieties, from hazelnut to vanilla and caramel, spicy aromatic notes, good body.


100% Arabica


Bourbon, Typica, Caturra

Harvest method

Hand picked

Coffee post harvest treatment

Sidamo is dried, all other origins are washed

Roasting Process

Coffees are roasted separately and mixed when cold. This solution allows the right roasting curve for every coffee in the blend.

Origins in blend

Brasile Santos Selecto Plus, Colombia Supremo Gr.18, Costarica SHB, Ethiopia Sidamo Gr.2, India Plantation


Grown between 1000-1800mt

Sensory Profile

Aroma 90%
Corpo 90%
Dolcezza 80%
Persistenza 90%
Acidità 60%
Tenore di caffeina 100%

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