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In the world there is so much coffee, but what makes Art Caffè Torrefazione special?

Quality is a process and has several factors that contribute to the final result.

About - Art Caffè Torrefazione


The first is the coffee; Art Caffè Torrefazione selects its coffee through a network of international relations, buying directly from manufacturers and supply chains certified by international institutions such as Slow Food. Exceptional coffee that also have important values and which are then artisanally roasted by hand with a process in order to get the best in all different extraction systems (moka, espresso, capsules, filter, etc.).

About - Art Caffè Torrefazione


To get a good coffee, it needs the right hand to process it; Espresso, Moka, or filter press, respect of proportions, temperature and heat, the ability to calibrate a mill and adjust the pressure of a coffee machine, these are all factors that have a fundamental effect on the final product. For this reason, we are ready to offer training and specialization to those who decide, with us, to embark on this journey


The packagehas an important role. Our packs are designed specifically to transfer the craft aspect of the process and maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee. The labels are designed to provide all the information needed to choose the right coffee for your taste; our bags are made of a material that allows the coffee to breathe without oxidize, retaining freshness and aroma.

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