• Francisco Villeda Panchito

    Cooperativa Las Capucas, Copan, Honduras He's married with Elda Torres and has 4 children; since 1999 he is among the first members of the Las Capucas Cooperative, Copan, Honduras. The story of Panchito is linked to an episode when he was a Honduran army soldier. During a shootout he lost one arm, an episode that [...] More  →
  • Josè Isidoro Lara Calidonio

    Cooperativa Las Capucas, Copan, Honduras He's 47 years old, he is married with Oneyda Suyapa Romero and has 4 children; producer since his childhood with his father Alfredo Lara Paz, has a proprietary system, used for the wet processing, a water storage tank, fermentation tanks, a channel selection covered with ceramics, a solar dryer. Since [...] More  →
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