There are about 60 different coffee beans, but only 4 of them are the most popular in the market (because of the costs, the fruits, the cultivation). These are: Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Liberal Coffee and Excelsa Coffee. Among the four species listed above, almost all of the diffusion and production is to be divided [...]
In an Arabica coffee the caffeine is contained on average 1.2 to 1.5%, while in a Robusta coffee is present from 2% to 4%. The decaffeinated coffee is a coffee to which has been removed, by means of a technological process, the caffeine contained in it. Subsequently to the decaffeination process the residual content of [...]
Francisco Villeda Panchito
Cooperativa Las Capucas, Copan, Honduras E' sposato con Elda Torres e ha 4 figli; dal 1999 è tra i primi soci della Cooperativa di Las Capucas, Copan, Honduras. La storia di Panchito è legata ad un episodio di quando era un soldato dell’esercito honduregno. Durante un conflitto a fuoco perse un braccio, episodio che lo [...]
Jose Isidoro Lara Calidonio
Cooperativa Las Capucas, Copan, Honduras He's 47 years old, he is married with Oneyda Suyapa Romero and has 4 children; producer since his childhood with his father Alfredo Lara Paz, has a proprietary system, used for the wet processing, a water storage tank, fermentation tanks, a channel selection covered with ceramics, a solar dryer. Since [...]
How it is processed and what are its main features After harvesting, the coffee is processed. From ripe cherries, the beans are extracted, usually two, separating them from the drupa. To do this there are several methods among which the best known are the natural process and washed process. Besides these two methods there are [...]
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