About – Art Caffè Torrefazione

Art Caffè Torrefazione selects green coffee directly from producers and supply chains certified by Slow Food.
The result is a very high quality coffee enhanced by artisan roasting process aimed to give the best in all different extraction systems (moka, espresso, capsules, filter, etc.).

Every bean has its own history and human dexterity gives an intense taste, unique and unrepeatable at every sip.
Art Caffé, in fact, combines the characteristic qualities of specialty coffee, that is selected by origin, climate and organoleptic characteristics, the low quantities that make the rare coffee so precious, and the craftsmanship of the people who roast every grain with the same attention.

A maximum coffee taste scale, chosen and selected thanks to decades of relationships with those who produce, certified by Slow Food, the Rainforest Alliance and Bio institutions.

The choice of those who want the best and are not satisfied by a standardized product.

About - Art Caffè Torrefazione
About - Art Caffè Torrefazione

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